Epic Triathlon & Cycling Wear is making the PCN kit

I met finally with Andrew Chinalpan, Jr. of Epic Triathlon & Cycling Wear yesterday over lunch. Together with King Bernas, we discussed about the creation and production of the new Philippine Cycling Network jersey and shorts. I saw the quality of his work and I must say that they're pretty good.

We know that it's been quite some time since we had a jersey for the egroup. We're targeting this third generation design to be out by next month in time for the Holidays and it's going to be for a limited run only.

Andrew will be doing a sample run to show the design to everyone. I'll post the pictures once I have them. Based from our discussion yesterday he can have it ready before the week ends.

Watch out bisikleta.ph fans! I'm having a jersey designed for this blog as well! Let me know if you're interested.

For your cycling wear needs, get in touch Andrew. Here's his contact details:

Andrew Chinalpan Jr.
Epic Triathlon and Cycling Wear
5 Augustus Caesar Street
Kingsville Subdivision
Antipolo City
Telephone: +63 2 645-7331
Mobile: +63 918 942-8506
Fax: +63 2 250-1468
Email: a(underscore)chinalpan(at)yahoo(dot)com


Anonymous said…
Just to correct, the 7-Eleven Team kit (on the pic) used by the elite cyclists was designed and made by Victorio Sports.

He only copied the design for the 7-Eleven executive team.
Jovan Puyo said…
Thanks for the correction!
Andrew Chinalpan Jr. said…
To Anonymous, the president of 7-Eleven Corporation, Mr. Vic Paterno, who sponsors the elite team and the executive team instructed that EPIC do the same design of the elite team. EPIC asked for a layered file from Victorio Sports so we can just reproduce it but we were given just a JPEG file so our artist has to start from scratch redesigning the kit. Just to share the whole reason behind.

Thank you.

Anonymous said…
For the record, Mr. Chinalpan, you did not email or extend any means of communication asking for the files. The persons asking for the files were respectfully informed about the reasons and ETHICS why Victorio cant just give away the files.