Hello Antipolo: my Sumulong-Ortigas Loop

I was at the middle of the climb when my butt started to hurt.

It has been several weeks since the last time I rode a bike and it wasn't this long. I've been riding mostly trails, so my longest distance on the saddle would've been about 20 kilometers. I think that was in Batangas with Nilo, Domeng and the others.

It was hurting but I know I just can't stop there. I have to finish the climb. It doesn't matter if I ride at 5 kilometers per hour. What's important is I conquer it without stopping. That was my goal.

And I did it.

You're probably wondering what the fuzz is about with this sudden long ride. I'm training, you see. I need to put some miles in these fatty legs for our multi-day ride in Mindoro this December. I don't want to be left behind.

I'm so excited with this trip that I bought a set of Topeak QR Beam Rack and trunk bag for my stuff from Amazon. (I'll show you these when they arrive.) After our Puerto Galera trip, I realized that it's not fun biking with all your stuff in the hydration pack.

I'll be making my Stuff to Bring list so you guys can see and comment if there's something I missed.

Today's ride was about 40 kilometers. I think I have to do 60 next week. Maybe that Laguna loop would be great.

Let me know if you want to join.

Here's the map for today's ride: