Testing the Kenda Slant Six Tires

We had a wonderful ride yesterday in Batangas City with some of the Batangas Mountain Bikers. It started with a gradual climb on the Sto. Domingo route and then we turned right at the shed right after the welcome arc, which led us to a roller coaster ride to Conde, San Miguel and finally Sto. Nino.

The weather was wonderful. It was drizzling but it's not pouring and so I wasn't overheating. I felt great. I was climbing without my heart rate going way up. I felt strong that I wasn't using the 22 x 34 granny gear combination much. That says a lot!

It was also the ride where I fully tested the capabilities of my new Kenda Slant Six tires. The profile of these tires was rounder than my Nevegals, so they were rolling on cemented and asphalted roads really well. When the route turned rough, they surprisingly still had some grip -- not as much as the Nevegals, but I'm sure this has more traction than what the Small Block Eights have to offer.

On wet and slightly mossy cemented climbs, I felt the rear tire slip several times. But it wasn't too much that I was out of control. Doing downhill on the same type of road was OK, but I was a bit cautious so I didn't push it.

They said that the design of this tire is a combination of the Nevegals and the Small Block Eights, and they weren't kidding. I am surely going to use this for the December Mindoro trip.

As for the ride, I had loads of fun. As usualy, it ended with a heaping plate of pancit guisado, this time in a new panciteria called Jocas.

Check out the map of our ride: