The Day before the Mindoro Ride

It's the day before the ride and I still can't help myself from checking and double checking my stuff. I went through my list one more time. So far here are what I'm bringing:

Medicines and First Aid
Aprovel - OK
Puritabs - OK
Alcohol - OK
Cleaning Wipes - OK
Bandages - OK
Tape - OK
Gauze - OK
Biogesic - OK
Imodium - OK
Antihistamine - OK
Mosquito Repellant - OK

Headlights - OK
Extra Batteries - OK
Blinkers - OK
Reflectors - OK

Bike Wear
Cycling Jersey - OK
Cycling Shorts - OK
Helmet - OK
Gloves - OK
Oakley Jawbone - OK
Soft Cleaning Bag - OK
Clear Lens - OK
Socks - OK
Cycling Shoes - OK
Jacket - OK

Bike Repair Kit
Pump - OK
Patch Kit - OK
Inner Tube - OK
Multi Tool - OK
Zip Ties - OK
Tire Lever - OK
Duct Tape - OK
Chain Lubricant - OK

Camelbak - OK

Bars - OK

Other Bike Stuff
Topeak QR MTX Beam Rack - OK
Topeak MTX DXP Trunk Bag - OK
Topeak Dual Size Pannier Frame - OK
Topeak Rain Cover - OK
Garmin GPS - OK
USB Charger - OK

iPhone - OK
Charger - OK
Water Protector - OK
Flip Video - OK
Batteries - OK

Off-Bike Clothes
Quick-dry Towel - OK
Sleeping Shorts - OK
Sleeping Shirt - OK
Flip Flops - OK
Dry Bag - OK

Soap - OK
Shampoo - OK
Comb - OK
Tissue Paper - OK
Toothbrush - OK
Toothpaste - OK

Just now I finished checking my bike's tire pressure, checking the fork's air pressure, and removing the water bottle cage and pump clip (every gram counts). I even rolled some duct tape on an empty ballpen case.

So it's T - 1.5 hours before I depart for Batangas City. I'm thinking of ordering some spaghetti from McDonald's and continue the carbo-loading.

I know in my last post I said that was my last post before the trip. Sorry about that. I think this is my last post.