Ready to go to Mindoro

Looks like there's no backing out now. In a couple of days, we'll be doing our first multi-day epic ride in Mindoro. We'll be leaving at 2:00 a.m. from Batangas City pier on the 27th of December for Wawa in Occidental Mindoro and pedal our way down to San Jose before crossing the "border" of Oriental Mindoro and back to Calapan. Here's the breakdown of our itinerary:

Day One: Batangas City - Wawa - Sablayan
Day Two: Sablayan to San Jose
Day Three: San Jose to Roxas
Day Four: Roxas to Calapan

The stuff that I planned to bring are almost all in the bag, but I need help to edit these out and cut down the weight. The boys will only be bringing a couple of sets of cycling clothes and will just wash and let them dry overnight. That's my problem - I don't know how to wash. Hmmmm, maybe someone from the group will wash my clothes for me?

Looking at my list, I only need to buy Imodium and antihistamine. I just need to drop by the drugstore later.

Here. We. Go.