Would an inner tube filled with Stan's Tire Sealant Work?

The objective of this experiment is to find out if a bicycle inner tube filled with Stan's Tire Sealant will seal itself when pricked with a push pin.

Bontrager Race X-Lite Inner Tube (26 x 1.95 - 2.21)
Push Pin
Stan's Tire Sealant
Stan's Tire Sealant Scoop
Floor Pump
Mountain Bike Wheel
Kenda Slant Six Tire
Sealant Applicator from Muji
Mountain bike

1. Put a scoop of Stan's Tire Sealant in the Sealant Applicator.
2. Unscrew the tire valve and put one (1) scoop Stan's of tire sealant using the applicator.
3. Screw back the tire valve and install the inner tube to the wheel similar to how you do it with regular inner tubes.
4. Pump up the tires to the recommended pressure. That's 40 psi, in our case.
5. Install the wheel to the bike.
6. Prick the tire on the tread area with a push pin.
7. When air starts to go out, start spinning the wheel for at least two minutes to let the Stan's Tire Sealant do its job,

Upon doing the procedure, I discovered that the air still manages to escape despite putting Stan's Tire Sealant in the inner tube. I, therefore, conclude that putting Stan's Tire Sealant in your tire's inner tube isn't effective.

The outcome of this experiment might have changed if there were changes in the following variables:
1. Instead of spinning the tire on the bike stand after the tire was pricked with a push pin, pressure could have been applied by riding the bike instead.
2. The amount the Stan's Tire Sealant used could be more than just one cup.
3. The Stan's Tire Sealant used was more than 3 years old. We could have used a fresher product.