PNoy: Our Biking President

Mama, if you can only see me now! I don't need no balancers no more!
For the cycling community, having a president who bikes is good news. But what's cool is this has a potential to become better news, and I'll write about it in a bit.

It's good PR for the sport, especially in a country where basketball is king. Seeing a photo of a president biking may encourage others to try it out. That means more people going to the bike shops and more people to see on the trails. Maybe.

It has a potential to become better if he gets hooked on it. He may decide, for example, to have a bike to Malacanan day at least once a week. It's going to be hell for his security detail, but through this example, he can help the Filipino people realize the beauty of the bike as a cheap and alternative means of transportation. And maybe make people in the government and private sectors come up with schemes to promote this. And maybe we'll have bike lanes -- to take us to school, work, and everywhere else. Maybe we'll get parking facilities. Maybe we'll see shower and locker room facilities.


If this is your vision, join the We Want Bike Lanes in RP movement on Facebook now.


Marckyz said…
Instead of Maybe, I would say Hopefully.
Marckyz said…
Instead of Maybe, I would say Hopefully.
Jovan Puyo said…
Yeah. I think I should replace maybe with hopefully. I just can't make myself myself do that. Is it because I'm too jaded?