We're all victims

Craw's stolen bike
Last weekend, the bikes of my friend and his ride buddies were stolen at gunpoint at the Paliparan trail. I don't know the exact details. From what I heard there were six or seven of them riding and then they were ambushed by armed men in the trail. They took the bikes, their phones and other valuables. Luckily none of them was hurt.

I know I have to write about this. I was even thinking of doing this as soon as I heard the news. But somehow I can't seem to bring myself to do so. And even now as I type this entry, I'm still having a hard time to digest the whole incident.

I feel like a victim myself.

These armed men stole more than Craw's bikes. In a way, they also stole what I love doing the most - going out wherever I want and ride my bike. With this incident, I have to be a bit cautious. Before, I feel really safe when I'm riding on the trails. I can't do that now.

I am hoping that these men be caught and brought to justice.

If you have information on this incident, please get in touch with the authorities. And please don't buy hot bikes or their parts, no matter how great the deal is.

The pictures of the stolen bikes can be found here.


Marc said…
We condemned this act. Hopefully Mahuli ang mga salarin. Yngat guys!