An Oakley Slave

Oakley Custom Jawbone
Me playing around in the Oakley Custom site is a bad thing. It's like playing with fire and it can leave a big gaping hole in my wallet if I'm not careful enough. Thank God online ordering is not (yet) available for this country or I would've been in serious credit card debt. That picture of a blue Oakley Jawbone at the top is proof of how bad this can be. I bought it from Joven Bikes last year and I had to wait for several months before it was delivered.

With my new color scheme (grey, red and white), I'm at it again. And it's another Jawbone. Again. If ever this pushes through, it'll be my third. I know I only a pair of eyes as opposed to the number of Oakley glasses that I have, but check this one out:

Isn't it a beauty?

Maybe I should get a job in Oakley.