Reviving Bike to Work Day

I used to bike to work often before. Not every day, but it was as much as thrice a week. I would leave the house early and then take a shower at the small bathroom near the managing director's office. When we transferred to ELJ, I would take a shower at the 14th floor gym.

Then it slowly died down. I guess it's so much easier to ride a car. I guess because I didn't renew my gym membership and so there's no place for me to take a shower. I guess because I got married and my wife disapproves of me risking my life on the streets of Manila.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, I have no plans in being stuck in traffic for hours just to get to work and go back home. So today, I'm riding my bike. I'm reinstalling the Topeak beam rack and trunk bag that I used for our Mindoro trip last December. I packed my laptop, my toiletries, and my change of clothes. I'll be parking my bike at the basement and will take a shower at the men's locker room near the TOC. I brought my lights, blinkers and reflectors just in case I need to bike at night.

If this goes well, I would be biking to the office more often. And maybe lose some weight in the process.


Anonymous said…
Biking to work made me feel healthier. I been twice a week now. I thought I wouldn't make it to work when I first tried it last November.

Please advise: Would it be plausible if I use a full face helmet when commuting? It seems safer since the road is also filled with motorcycles with full face helmets.
Thank you.
Jovan Puyo said…
Hey! Thanks for leaving a message.

I actually have stopped again biking to work, but I'm planning to revive it. I guess it's not how often we fall but how we stand up that defines us. Hehehehe!

If I were to use it, a full face helmet would be a bit overkill. I'm happy with my mountain bike helmet with the visors on. But hey, that's me! If you're comfortable wearing a full face helmet and if it would make you feel safer, then go ahead by all means. ;) Just don't forget to put on some blinkers (both front and back) and stick on some reflectors.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for your reply. For now I'll keep using my light bike helmet since I do not have a full face helmet yet or I won't buy one if I gain more confidence in handling my bike. hehehe!