Today's Ride: Not My Day

I didn't feel good in today's ride. I easily got tired and was at the back of the group most of the time. On the first climb, I had to sit down at the top to avoid getting lightheaded. It's so weird because my heart rate wasn't that high.

Maybe it's because of I didn't get that much sleep. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe because I didn't have a proper breakfast.

I don't know.

Whatever it is, I don't want it. I'm hoping that I'd be back to normal in our ride next week.

As for the trail, it was nice but it's nothing new. I already rode this when I went back riding here again after a long hiatus and also in the San Miguel ride.

On the drive back, I was racing with a Montero on the STAR tollway. When I reached 171 kph somewhere before Tanauan, I saw from my rear view mirror that something happened to the bike rack so I stopped. When I got down, I saw that the front rack was detached already and it was just the rear rack holding the bikes.

Whoa! The wind resistance must be too much for the rack. And it's my fault as Thule recommends not driving more than 80 kph.

Lesson learned. So after securing it, I drove back to Manila with my speed not exceeding 105 kph. It was boring but at least I know my bikes are safe.

Here's the map of our ride today: