Bike Tour of Northern Luzon Initial Itinerary

With nothing to do on a rainy Saturday evening, I decided to plan the initial itinerary for the dream bike tour around northern Luzon. Using Google Earth as my tool, I did a more accurate measurement on how many days it will take me to do it. My initial calculation is ten days to do the whole trip, but when I did the initial dive I discovered that it's about 14 days on the bike without any rest days.

I'm more familiar with the western highways, which are relatively flat. What I'm not sure of is the eastern route going to Tuguegarao if it's the same or if it's more mountainous.

Below is the initial itinerary that I did. I would appreciate feedbacks on the road conditions, climbs and places to eat and sleep in these areas:

Day 1: Quezon City to Cabanatuan City
115.29 kilometers

Day 2: Cabanatuan City to Aritao
99.96 kilometers

Day 3: Aritao to Santiago
85.30 kilometers

Day 4: Santiago to Tuguegarao City
123.77 kilometers

Day 5: Tuguegarao City to Ballesteros
115.42 kilometers

Day 6: Ballesteros to Pagudpod
117.25 kilometers

Day 7: Pagudpod to Cabugao
125.63 kilometers

Day 8: Cabugao to Candon
83.20 kilometers

Day 9: Candon to San Fernando City
76.80 kilometers

Day 10: San Fernando City to Alaminos
114.44 kilometers

Day 11: Alaminos to Iba
108.72 kilometers

Day 12: Iba to Olongapo City
79.30 kilometers

Day 13: Olongapo City to Orani
94.02 kilometers

Day 14: Orani to Quezon City
111.05 kilometers

I just added it now. That's a total of 1,450.15 kilometers! This is definitely not a ride for newbies. If ever I'm going to push through with this, I'm going to need to train first and also get us some sponsors.



Marckyz said…
If you heard the name Gilbert Dizon, (the man who cycled the pinas) then he is the right man to ask for tips and feed backs.
Jovan Puyo said…
Thanks for the tip, Marckyz! There are actually quite a number of people who have actually biked around the Philippines, including Fr. Picx.
Marckyz said…
Yup, Fr. Picx was Gilbert's inspiration.
Juvie said…
Nice.. Thanks
Jimmy Presto said…
I would like to do this trip too. I will be in PI Jan & Feb 2012. 100km/day for 14 days is really serious! Except for a Jan 29 commitment(Las Pinas City) I should be able to do the ride.
Jovan Puyo said…
Problem is I have work so I may not be able to do a multi-day ride.