Fatty's Saturday Afternoon Sufferfest

As my wife left for the Ateneo-FEU game in Araneta, I geared up for my own gimmick -- climb up to Antipolo to do some reconnaissance for the planned Laguna de Bay loop next week. It was two o' clock in the afternoon but it was overcast so the weather was perfect. It's also a nice opportunity to test run my new Camelbak MULE NV.

I was actually thinking of climbing Antipolo via Sumulong, go down Teresa, make a u-turn somewhere to climb back up to Antipolo, and go down to Ortigas extension, but I thought this might be pushing myself too much.

Yesterday's ride was a sufferfest for me. I haven't done a long ride since Subic so I experienced the consequence. I had to stop several times when I was climbing Sumulong. Before I would just be spinning to the top even if I'm riding at a snail's pace, but yesterday I stopped at the Caltex station at the foot of the climb, near the entrance to Valley Golf Club, and at the side of the road near the Alpadi Estate.

When I was there at the side of the road catching my breath, I wouldn't say it was one of my finest moments. In my mind, it was nahahakiya. I can see it from the eyes of the kid at the back of the jeep - look at that fatty! But I'm glad I chose to saddle up and suffer some more. As Thomas Wayne said, "we fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up." You see, I always had the option of turning back and enjoy the downhill ride to Marikina. I just didn't do that. I was thinking, what was I going to do at home if get there early? Watch the game? Not really a good way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon.

The climb took me 30 minutes. When I got to P. Oliveros street, I stopped for a while and then went down towards Ortigas Avenue Extension.

The whole ride from Pioneer to Antipolo and back was 40 kilometers long, and my legs weren't prepared for it. On the last major climb at Ultra, both of them were cramping. I had to stop when I got to the top to do some stretching.

I got home at 6:00 p.m. They're not showing the game on TV. I missed it, but that didn't matter to me anymore.

Here's yesterday's route: