My Initial Thoughts on my Laguna de Bay Bike Ride

August 19 marks the birth date of Manuel Luis Quezon and a public holiday for people who work in Quezon City. For this three-day weekend, I'm planning to do another bike tour. This time, it'll be a tour around Laguna de Bay.

A lot of cyclists did the whole 180-kilometer (yet to be confirmed) route in a day, but I plan on doing it in two. I'll spend the night at Hotel La Corona in Pagsanjan so I have time to stop at each town and appreciate the sights.

I just want to share some of the items I'm thinking of right now:

  • I just checked AccuWeather now and it seems like it's going to be a wet trip. Also, of the four people I invited to join me, none have actually confirmed. Looks like this will be my first solo tour.

  • Since it's an overnight trip, I'm torn on wether I should bring the rack and trunk bag or just put everything in the Camelbak. I'll try to pack using the pack. If it's too heavy, I'll bring out the rack.

  • With these type of adventures, the more I need a digital camera. I know I have the Flip UltraHD but that can't take pictures.

  • Should I ride with the Slant Six or switch to the slicks? My obsession with tires is getting worse.

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