Biking in Batangas City: The Tabangao via Dao Malampaya Trail

After last Sunday's cancelled Batangas Ride which brought me to Maarat instead of the city of steaming pancit guisado, I was determined to make take two successful.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and left Pioneer at about 5:00 a.m. One hour and P306.00 poorer (can you believe that's how much I have to pay in toll fees for just one way?), I was in my hometown. I parked the car at Eric's Carwash at the corner of P. Herrera and Noble streets, geared up, and joined Onad and Davison for a nice morning ride.

After climbing up Tabangao, we made a left turn at the top to a dirt road for some more climbing. This is where our dear friend, Carlito Benoza, used to live. During our afternoon rides years ago, we would see him go down this road on his BMX on his way to work.

As I was pushing my bike up the slippery road, my tummy began acting up. It was so hard to concentrate that at one point I was considering on leaving the bike by the roadside and do some magic behind the bushes. The only thing that stopped me was that none of us brought any wet wipes or tissue paper. Trying to hold it is something I wouldn't wish for anyone to experience. The feeling is something like being laspag. (Note to myself: buy a stash of wipes and put in the hydration pack in case of "emergency".)

The loop was great. It's perfect for someone who just started biking again: a nice warm-up leading to a big climb and then some rolling terrain when you get to the top before riding downhill with a spectacular view of city and the bay. If you're not convinced, check out the pictures below:

This is where the climb to the dirt road started.

Onad and Davison had to wait for me.

The green one is Davison's bike with a new wheelset.

These boys ride mountain bikes because they ride on trails.

Trying to keep it together.

That's Onad and Davison (Udo)

All ready to go!

The trail gets my thumbs up approval!

Stomach in

Of course the ride wouldn't be complete without a trip to the local panciteria. For today's ride we chose Krosroads, a hole on the wall carinderia at the end of M. Pastor Avenue near the Shell station. Each one of us ordered pancit guidado and Mountain Dew. Now wouldn't you say that's perfect?

Check out the map of our route:

If you prefer, here's the Garmin Connect Map to the Tabangao via Dao Malampaya Trail.