A Sunday Afternoon with Agu

The plan was to go to Batangas City last Sunday and do some trail riding with Onad and Eric. Since I haven't been there for some time, I guess I was a bit too excited that I wasn't able to sleep. You know how the feeling is the night before the race? It's the same thing. Well, because I was still up at four in the morning, I had no choice but to cancel the ride. Bummer!

At least I was able to salvage the day and managed to ride in Maarat in the afternoon. Actually, I would say that it was a blessing in disguise because the ride was awesome. Joined by Agu Paiso of www.mynextbike.com, we rode the green trail, then down Roxas Boulevard, up to Araneta and back to the parking lot via the main road.

Except for some muddy sections, the trail condition was perfect -- just the right amount of stickiness for your knobbies! Mix in with some sunshine and cool breeze and you've got heaven on earth right there.

On the not so good side, the road to Timberland is still under repair, which means that we had to pass the old way through the city market with all the traffic. That's a major turnoff. I hope they fix that pretty soon.

All the photos courtesy of Agu.

Map of the ride to be posted soon.