Tubeless Conversion Fail

Tubeless Fail
I have a bottle of Stan's tire sealant that's gathering dust in my storage area. I also have a wheelset with Mavic X819 rims that's tubeless ready and a pair of Kenda Nevegals to go with them. I figured I should go for gold and do the tubeless conversion.

I've been trying to flirt with the conversion several times but this time was the first time I was serious. Because this time I had a pail of soapy water. And according to the Stan's site, that's the way to go.

Well, so how did it go? If you're reading the title, you'd know I failed. After pouring about two cups of sealant to the tire and getting the side all wet with the soapy water, I still couldn't get it to hold air. I was pumping like a madman, but I achieved nothing.

Maybe I really need an air compressor to make this happen.

Or maybe I can just take it to the shop and have it converted there.