Celebrating the First Year Anniversary of the Mindoro Bikepackers

I am celebrating the first year anniversary of our four-day Mindoro bike tour in an airport lounge waiting for our flight to Hong Kong rather than doing another epic ride to who-knows-where.

If you ask me, I'd rather be awake at this time of day, pedaling to some remote place in this country where I haven't been before. I long for the uncertainty on where we'll get our next meal, or not knowing the actual distance is to the town where we're spending the night.

But there's 2012 for that.

To Domeng, Eric and Ed who joined in the epic adventure of my life that is Mindoro, happy anniversary and thank you for being there. I'm looking forward to more epic rides with you guys next year.

On our anniversary, I actually edited the Mindoro Bikepackers movie and added excerpts of Ed's interview plus some of the videos Domeng and Eric took. I havne't uploaded it though. In the meantime, you can reminisce again by watching the old video.