My First Ride of 2012

My first ride of ride of 2012 almost didn't push through. We were supposed to ride Saturday morning, but I wasn't feeling up to it when I woke up at quarter to six. It was bed versus bike, and sadly the bed won. I texted everyone and said that I'm still too sleepy to pedal, and went back to sleep.

I woke up at 10 a.m. I received a text messaged, it seemed. I wasn't entirely sure. Maybe it was still part of a dream, I thought.

The text was from King. Apparently, they didn't push through with the morning's ride and he's asking if I'm interested in joining them in the afternoon instead. Perfect! I get to sleep in and ride, too. "Sure," I replied.

I picked up King at around 12:45 in the afternoon and drove to the Timberland clubhouse to meet up with Winston.

King had a hidden agenda. He's organizing an event in February so we're here to scout for the right trail for the race course.

The weather was wonderful. It was overcast and it rained for some time while we were in the blue trail, but when that was over, it was just perfect. Sadly I couldn't say the same for the trail. The main road was just OK, but the single track was slippery. It didn't help that there were several motocross riders in the trail, making the ruts even deeper.

After doing some plotting, we biked to the Giant Store for some refreshments before heading back home.

Check out our route:

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