The Second Ride of 2012 - A Long Way To Go

Yesterday's ride in Maarat was another ride to regain form and fitness. Although I was riding better than the weekend before, it is still a far cry from where I need to be if I want to do more epic rides this year.

I am having some problems sleeping early. This started a few weeks ago. The eve of yesterday's ride, I was able to sleep at around two in the morning before being awoken by a call from a tipsy wife, asking if I could pick her up at the Fort. I'm not making excuses for my performance, but I think this is a possible reason.

For our leisurely ride on the main roads of Maarat, I was joined by King Bernas, Winston Chua, Deon James, and my ex-Urban Jungle teammate Gabby Severino. Although I was laboring up the climbs, it was generally a nice ride going to the Giant Store via Roxas Boulevard. Actually, we backtracked a bit and went to the PestaƱo farm to get something to eat. I ordered Gatorade to go along my Sausage McMuffin with Egg, while the boys enjoyed their brewed coffee while munching on some trail bars.

Since Winston and Gab needed to go home early , we headed back to the parking area at the Timberland clubhouse.

Here's a map of our route: