A cyclist's gift to his mom

No, mom doesn't bike
In celebration of mother's day, I was thinking of what possible gifts a cyclist can give to his or her mom. It would be cool if the mom bikes too, but for mortals like me with "normal mothers" (if there is such a person), here are some items that I think moms will appreciate. Of course, please feel free to add to the list:

1. Always be careful and wear a helmet every time you ride
2. Put on some sunblock so that her son or daughter won't be too maitim
3. Text her every hour to tell her where you are when you're in a ride
4. Put on Off lotion or some mosquito repellent so that you won't get dengue
5. Getting home without any scrapes or bruises
6. Taking a shower when you get home and not soil the sheets
7. Avoid getting your clothes too muddy so that it won't be a pain to wash

Happy mother's day to all the moms!


Tom D' Biker said…
Nice list of gifts. And, your mom looks great with her helmet and shades.

Belated Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
Jovan Puyo said…
Hi Tom! Haven't heard from you in a while. Parang hindi ka na masyadong nagba-blog ah! Hehehehe!

The person in that entry isn't my mom. Just did a Google search and found her image on Flickr. She looks very cool, eh?