The Globe Cordillera Challenge 3 Cycling Jersey

I was finally able to get my Globe Cordillera Challenge 3 cycling jersey yesterday. When they told us that the biggest size was 2XL, I was disappointed. When I registered, I explicitly stated that my jersey size is 4XL. So when I got it, I wasn't that excited. In fact, I was actually preparing myself for another humiliating suman fitting session when I get home.

Lo and behold, when I pulled out the jersey from the brown paper bag and tried it on, it was an amazing fit. I was very much surprised! Good job, Globe and mr. jersey supplier (whoever you are)!

Check out the jersey's design for this year. This is the jersey's front:

Globe Cordillera Challenge 3 Jersey

And this is the jersey's back:

Globe Cordillera Challenge 3 Jersey

What do you guys think?

On another note, you don't need to wait for the another Globe Cordillera Challenge to help with Cordillera reforestation efforts. You can send your donations to the following:

Tignayan Para Iti Konserbasyon Ti Kordilyera
Banco de Oro account number 518-003-1673