Bleeding my Virgin Hydraulic Disc Brake

Freshly-bled brakes
After years of use, it was finally time for me to bring my hydraulic brakes to shop and have it bled. Usually it's Hermie of Velo City who would perform the operation, but he didn't reply to my text this morning. A quick exchange of text messages with All Terra's Edmund Mangaser brought me to their shop in Club 650, Libis.

I knew that my brake needs bleeding when it still felt spongy even after replacing the pads. When I pulled the lever, it was a few millimeters shy of reaching the handlebar before it engaged. That's not a good sign for any type of biker. Thankfully I wasn't on the trail when I discovered this.

According to Dandan, All Terra's mechanic (and mountain bike cross country racer), he needed to add some mineral oil to my brake. I may have "cooked" some after years of use.

A quick web search on the subject revealed this site that had a nice section on brake bleeding. Read it if you have time to know more.

For those who are interested in doing the procedure on their own, I found this very informative video on YouTube:

Now that my brakes are back in shape, I believe a (muddy) mountain bike ride in the IMBA-certified trails of Timberland are in order.