Class 2 Rates for Cars with Roof-mounted Bikes is Wrong

UPDATE: This ruling has been revoked already by the management of the NLEX/SCTEX expressways. I also received a tweet that there's a ruling on this by the Toll Regulatory Board, although I've yet to see a copy of that. If you have one, please share.



I received a call yesterday from a friend asking me if I know about the new memo from the Manila North Tollways Corporation on vehicles with bikes mounted on the roof. I thought this issue was put to rest a few years ago with the help of C! Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, James Deakin. Apparently, it's back.

For those of you who are still in the dark, here's the announcement that was posted in the Travel on GREAT ROADS! (NLEX and SCTEX) Facebook page:

While I completely agree that toll fees should be based on their impact to the road, basing it plainly on vehicle height is just stupid. If it's true that vehicles with mounted bikes have higher impact to the road, then shouldn't the charging be the same for those with bikes mounted at the back and even those with bikes inside their cars?

Northerners, we want to visit your place, experience the rides there, get in touch with the locals, and maybe go back again. In our little ways, we can help in building an eco-friendly tourism industry in your area and bring in some much-needed income, but advisories such as the one posted above will significantly hinder this. We need your help to make this right.


Even before this memo, SLEX has been asking for class 2 fees for cars with top loads or just bike racks. Well, it's based on our experience. I think it's OK for cars with roof-mounted bike racks not to be charged as class 2. Magaan lang naman yan eh. Unlike those jeeps on the poster.
Jovan Puyo said…
I avoid the C5 exit. Those guys there don't care if you have bikes or coconuts on top if you're beyond seven feet. I take Nichols extension (the one where you pass by the Epass office). The tellers there are nice. Sometimes they kid with me that I'm Class 2. :)
Ferdinand said…
Hi. I learned from an officemate that this provision was already revoked, at least for vehicles transporting bicycles, surfboards and other recreational, non-commercial equipment. Good news :) BTW, I'm a newbie biker and will start to document my adventures in the biking world soon :D
Jovan Puyo said…
You're right, they did revoke. Saw a tweet from a fellow biker that there's ruling already from the TRB. I'm just trying to look for it so I can post it.

Looking forward to reading your adventures. Share the link, why don't ya? :)
Ferdinand said…
Of course, I'm just waiting for the activation of my domain, will let you know soon :)
Ferdinand said…
Hi Jovan, as promised, the link to my biking adventures can be found here: :)
Jovan Puyo said…
Cool cool! Will check it out and link to it. :)
Zumi said…
Your post was informative and appreciable.Sana magkaroon na ng lane sa para lang sa mga bisikleta for sure maluwag at maiiwasan pa ang aksidente niyan.