No New Updates

I don't have any new updates yet as I didn't ride these last couple of weeks despite the long weekends. But don't worry as I have a couple of articles that will be published (I hope) in the next issue of Mountain Bike Philippines.

What I've been busy doing lately is doing lots of walks on the treadmill in the gym. It serves two purposes: first is to help burn calories for our office's Biggest Loser contest (it burns about 600 calories per hour vs. 900 for mountain biking), and second is to serve as training for our upcoming Europe trip next week (I think we'll be walking and walking for hours every day). That means that there won't be any updates for the month of September. Sorry guys.

I'll see you all again in October. And hopefully I will be ready to plan for a long bike tour again. Maybe I'll do Marinduque or Bohol this time.


Tom D' Biker said…
Good luck on the Biggest Loser and happy Europe trip.