Compression Calf Sleeve Believer

Compression Sleeve
Presenting my fatty legs. Oh, and the compression sleeves, of course!

Do you guys use compression calf sleeves, too? I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer.

To be honest, it does look like cut out from an old cycling tights. Costing more than a thousand pesos a pair, it is pricey, too.

So what made me try it? Actually, the reason doesn't have anything to do with cycling at all. We were going on a long haul flight to Europe last year and I was researching on how to prevent deep vein thrombosis when I stumbled upon compression gear. Curious, I dropped by Planet Sports at the Power Plant and bought a pair of compression calf sleeves.

When I put it on, I felt that it was tighter than the usual knee-high socks, but not too tight that it caused any discomfort. From the literature that came with the product, I read that it's supposed to promote faster blood circulation in the covered area, which in turn would make recovery faster.

Now maybe this is just psychological, but I do feel that. Now, after a long ride or a day of walking in the mall, I put this on overnight, and my calves feel awesome in the morning. It's as if my calves were getting massaged the whole time.

Got any compression stories to share? Post them at the comment section below or you can email me at jovan at bisikleta dot ph (I had to spell it so that it won't get spammed by bots).


Edgar said…
I'm going to buy one :)
Anonymous said…
does this help prevent leg cramps?
Jovan Puyo said…
Not sure if it does prevent leg cramps, but it makes me recover faster.