The Importance of Breakfast

Mt. Sinai Ride
I just can't stress enough the importance of breakfast before going on a morning ride. Similar to a vehicle, your body needs fuel. A car without petrol stalls when its on empty. A person, on the other hand, bonks.

I've had several brushes at bonking. Believe me, it's not a fun experience. It's like fading into white.

In our ride to Timberland with King and Winston, I chose to ride the basic trail and let the two enjoy Roxas. We agreed to meet by the Araneta gate. My fitness level then (and even up to now) was zilch, and I don't want to force myself and risk my health.

When I arrived at the meeting point, King was climbing up the cement section on his single speed bike. As we parked our bikes, he lost his balance and bonked. I was able to catch him and carry him to a chair. Other bikers helped out. One fanned him with his big towel to give him some air while the other one gave him a banana.

When he recovered, I asked him why he bonked. King is usually the strong, so what happened was so not him. The culprit? He skipped breakfast.