(Probably) The Biggest Upgrade That I Did

I started the fourth quarter of 2013 with a crazy goal  - to be delicious by December. It's a campaign aimed at being one of the most dashing people in time for my brother's wedding. Yes, it's as simple and as crazy as that - to lose weight with no fancy gimmicks; just good old hard work and sacrifice.

So I ran. I started slow at first - doing about two kilometers per session, but I made it consistent. I ran three to four times a week on our condo treadmill. Soon enough, from walk-runs, I transitioned to three-kilometer runs, and then four kilometers, and then five. I would've biked, but it's not safe to do that at night right after work in our area.

I also controlled my food intake, but not in a drastic and crazy way. I just ate more fruits and vegetables, and stopped the junk. I went for chirashis and sashimis, more than the usual burgers and pizzas. I also used a calorie counter app to see how much I ate and how much I burned.

And it worked. I lost 18 pounds by the wedding day that I had to adjust the belt because my pants would fall off.

Admitedly, it's still far from being delicious. I'm still a clydesdale with still a lot more to go. But with all the weight that I lost, my last two rides at the Heroes' Trail and at Timberland were all awesome: I was able to keep up with the pace, (almost) complete the climb up the steep grades of the blue trail's harder section, and more importantly, finish fresher.

I don't plan on stopping anytime soon now that I'm on a roll. My goal for this year: have a beach-acceptable body in time for Mads' Bali wedding in June, and be sub-200 by Morny's wedding in December.

Let's do this!