Biking in Manila: The Heroes' Mountain Bike Trail Full Loop Video

So this time I brought along the GoPro for a loop around the Heroes' Trail at Taguig City. There are a lot of new sections from the last time I rode it. Before, it was just 2.13 kilometers. Now, it's about 3.7 kilometers long. How about that!

Check out the video below. Warning though. It's quite shaky.

Do let me know what you want to see more using the comments section below.

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing this video experience. I will try this place this coming Saturday morning. Di ko alam na may ganito palang place na malapit lng sa amin. Thanks again for sharing
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing, man... I'm an Irish guy teaching here at a university - looking to hook up with any fellow bikers... Let me know if you are ever looking for someone to join at Heroes! Mark