Video: Trying out the Technical Section of the Unknown Bike Park

We got invited by friends to try out the course at the Unknown Bike Park somewhere in Silang, Cavite. Armed with a freshly installed Autosweep RFID, King and I drove there to check it out.

The video below is taken from just one of the more interesting features of the course. I'll post the other videos of the ride soon when I finish editing it.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Currently, the Unknown Bike Park is still closed to the public. It will be used for the World University Cycling Championships in March 2016. As of now, they're still adding sections to make it more awesome.

Here's a map going to the place:


Thanks for posting, when will they open it to the public?
Unknown said…
Wow nice
Jovan Puyo said…
No word yet although they had a trial race here a few weeks ago
Lefty said…
Sana i-open na nila yan to the public soon.
Unknown said…
is it still close to public?