New shoes - Blue Giro Terraduros

I can't help myself. As I was browsing Amazon, I saw that the Giro Terraduros now come in blue! In just a few clicks, the damage has been done - it was on its way to my Shipping Cart. (I'll tell you guys about my experience on that service some other time).

The first Terraduros came in either black or red orange. The black version was boring and the red orange version was a bit too loud for my taste. Now that it's also available in blue, no second thoughts occurred as I clicked that "Buy Now" button.

I can't wait to try these out on the trail!


Unknown said…
Hi! We have good trails in Bohol. I wonder if you have been to any of them. I am not a mountain biker but the population of mountain bikers looks increasing as I see more and more of them regularly. I hope we can do a bike fest soon.