Search for Better Bike Storage: Initial impressions of the bike tower rack

With the pandemic, I've been channeling my inner Marie Kondo to clean up the mess here in the house. From the condo (pun intended), we moved backed to my in-laws' place and so all our stuff are literally dumped and packed in different areas.

I have four bikes and they take up a lot of space. Initially, they were in the guest room on bike stands but when my aunt from the States visited, we had to take out all of the stuff from there and disassemble the bikes. 

She already went back and the room is vacant, but I'm still thinking of ways to store the bikes more effectively so that they don't take up a lot of floor area.

While I was browsing on Facebook, I saw a post from All Terra Cyclery showing the bike tower rack. I've been seeing this when I visit the shop, but it's only now that I realized that it can be a solution for my bike storage needs. Long story short, I bought one and installed it.

Photo from the All Terra Facebook Page

I thought I can set it up by myself, but I was wrong. I needed an extra pair of hands to hold the upper part of the rack in place while I attach the two together. 

When everything's done, I put my bikes up there. So did it do it's job of saving space? Yes, it did and I'm happy with that. With two bikes on top of each other, I now have a walkway to access the other part of the room. 

My final bike tower rack set-up in the room

There are some things to take note of. The hooks are fixed to be perpendicular to the ground. So if you have a bike with sloping top tubes, it won't be level. If you have two bikes with sloping top tubes, chances are they will hit each other. Also, I don't recommend mounting a heavy bike at the top rack because it bends a bit. This is not a rack for two heavy full-suspension bikes nor is it OK for e-bikes.

Retail price is P2,995. If this is what you're looking for, message All Terra Cyclery in their Facebook Page or give them a call at +63 279097264.