Welcome to the new era of Philippine cycling

Hello! It has been almost two years since my last entry. Yes, I'm still alive. 

I see that the cycling scene has grown exponentially during the pandemic. Hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes have opened up in Metro Manila and other parts of the country. And while there is push back from motorists on our already-congested roads, it's awesome to be able to ride EDSA and feel safe for the first time. 

For a good part of 2020 and even 2021, bike shops were having difficulties keeping up with the demand. People, who cannot go to gyms, looking for safer ways to commute, or even just trying to keep sane, tried biking, and almost all of them loved it. 

The feeling of going to different places powered by your legs is quite a magical experience. Cafes on top of climbs. Drive Thrus turning to Bike Thrus. Night Rides in BGC and the Makati business district. Having pictures taken at the Kaybiang tunnel. Eating bulalo at Tagaytay and then riding back to Manila. Discovering the way to the Intramuros-Binondo bridge. Surviving the Laguna Loop epic.

On social media, the audiences of various local bike channels and influencers increased to the point that I see a lot of newcomers are trying out to become the country's next bike star. 

I think we will be seeing a whole lot more. 

Welcome to the new era of Philippine cycling. It's going to be quite a ride!