Some Tips on Riding in the Rain

With the wet season is upon us, it doesn't instantly mean that we have to stay indoors. Yes, we can still ride and play, but there are some stuff that we need to take note of to make it a fun experience. 

Now this is obvious but let me warn you beforehand that you're going to get wet somehow (unless you're wearing a sealed waterproof albeit uncomfortable gear). 

Below are some of my tips in riding in the rain for bike addicts like us.

Get some wet riding gear. If you don't want to get wet too much, wear some rain gear. Check out shops like Decathlon if they have breathable rain jacket and rain pants.  A pair of eyewear with clear lenses is also highly recommended. If you're riding with your phone, put it in a waterproof plastic pouch.

Prep your bike. Install mudguards to minimize the splash of water and mud going to your face and butt. Have your headset, bottom bracket, and hubs properly greased. Have your bike chain properly lubed. Install front and rear lights especially if you're riding on the road.

Be visible. If you're riding on the road, motorists need to see you. Turn on your rear blinkers and headlights, and wear bright clothing. If you have a reflectorized vest, it's a good time to wear it.

Check your route. Some of our roads in this wonderful country turn to swamps and rivers during downpours so planning a route that won't require snorkels would be great. If ever you do need to ride on flooded streets, try to avoid submerging your hubs and bottom bracket in water. While out riding, be wary of open manholes and road debris that can wreak havoc to your bike.

Hydrate. Because the weather is relatively cold, we have a tendency of forgetting to hydrate. Maybe try to finish one bottle for every hour of riding to be sure.

It's going to be slippery. Whether be it roads or trails, water makes things slippery so be careful when taking on corners. 

Please mind the trails. I know it's fun riding trails in the rain, but if it's extra muddy this can cause ruts and destroy our precious. If it's too wet, please consider riding somewhere else.

Take care of your bike after the ride. Once you get back, please wash your bike and lube your chain once it's dry. If your adventure had some river or flood crossings, have your bearings checked. Also, there may be water inside your frame so check on that as well. For bikes with suspension, you may want to have that serviced to be sure.

What do you think of these tips? Do you agree with it or don't agree with it? Let me know in the comments section.

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