A not so epic ride tomorrow?

I'm thinking of doing something a bit crazy tomorrow since it's a long weekend anyway. After the Puerto Galera trip I realized that I missed epic rides. Now what's on my mind is replacing the Kenda Nevegals with the Continental Avenue slick tires on my mountain bike and just ride up Antipolo, down to Teresa and probably climb Bugarin, rain or shine. Chances are I'll be riding on my own so I need to upload new songs to the iPod Nano and partially freeze the Camelbak bladder.

Now I'm excited.

You're welcome to join me. Just leave a message in the comment box below and arrange for a meeting place. I'm coming from Mandaluyong but I'm thinking of passing through the Marcos Highway-Sumulong route.


russx25 said…
Hi Jovan,
I've read about ur trip in Puerto Galera.Im a local there and just want to ask if the December trip all around Mindoro will push through.Im here in Singapore and might take up holiday leave on December.
This is my email..atienzajeff@gmail.com
Thank you.
Jovan Puyo said…
So far the plan's still there. We haven't sit down and talked about it in details - things like how many kilometers we're going to travel per day or where we're staying.