A Sunset Ride Tomorrow, anyone? The Unilab Bike United Event

Check out the mom! Isn't she hot? Hahahahaha!
It sounded like quite a lovely affair - you, together with nine hundred cyclists (give or take), riding off into the sunset on a Saturday afternoon. Weather permitting, of course. That's just one of the events in tomorrow's Bike United - the first in a series of three sporting events organized by Unilab. There will also be a road criterium, a dual stunt and a bike clinic for kids.

I'm actually thinking of going but I haven't registered yet and from what I've heard, it's already closed. But who knows, maybe I can crash and just join the fun ride.

Looking into the line-up of events, I was hoping they would use the mountain bike tracks in the nearby Army Reserve area for a nice cross country race. In that way there would've been something for the roadies, the cross country riders, the dirt jumpers and the kids. But I guess it's hard to get permission from the Army guys. Perhaps next year.

For tomorrow's ride, might as well be prepared. Aside from bringing the usual gear (helmets, water/hydration pack, food, repair kit and money), it would be wise to bring blinkers, lights and reflectors in case it finishes late. You know naman - you can never can tell.

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