Packing for the Manila-Batangas City Ride

I never realized how excited I was to do an epic ride again until I prepared my bike and started packing for the trip this evening. As I was changing the tires and installing the beam rack, I couldn't help but imagine how fun this trip is going to be, riding through the towns and municipalities that I've visited when I was a kid and seeing how they changed.

It has been my dream to do a ride from Manila to Batangas (or vice versa) since I started cycling way back in high school. Of course back then my parents wouldn't even let me do it, and at that time I was even doubting myself if that is possible with my fitness. But after Mindoro, I have no doubts that I'll be able to finish it.

I thought it was going to be a solo ride on Maundy Thursday, but my good buddies from Mindoro, Domeng and Eric, will be coming over on Wednesday to join me in this trip. Another cyclist, Val Roque, might also be riding along.

This is going to be fun!