Maintenance: Servicing the Crank Brothers Eggbeater Pedals

Crank Brothers Egg Beater C - right pedal
When I turned the pedal after lubing the chain yesterday, I knew there was something wrong with them. Maybe it's from all the long rides that I did or from all the power hosing it endured or probably a mix of both. Whatever the reason may be, one thing's for sure -- my pedals weren't turning as smoothly as they should be.

I bought this pair a year ago after I discovered that the wings of my old Eggbeaters were broken during the Livestrong ride. Now, after hundreds of kilometers of riding, these babies are crying out for some lovin'.

Quickly, I searched the internet for a step-by-step way to basically revive my pedals, and stumbled upon Pedal! Damn it!'s Crank Brothers Servicing blog entry. After reading it, I had all the tools needed to do some basic relubing except for the 8mm socket wrench.

I couldn't sleep well last night knowing that I was just a tool away from getting my pedals fixed. I had to get up at around two in the morning to pull out an 8mm allen wrench and remove the pedal from the crank.

I was glad that I was able to pull the pedal out easily. My past pedals felt like they were bonded to the crank when I tried to remove them.

Today, right after work, I went to the mall and got myself an 8mm socket wrench. After treating myself to dinner at Pepper Lunch, I hurried home to start the operation.

After removing the dust cap with a flathead screwdriver, I managed to pull out the bolt that was keeping everything together with my brand new socket wrench. When that was through, pulling out the spindle was as easy as pie. I removed the old grease with a rug and some degreaser, and applied a fresh coat of grease right after. After that, I rebuilt the pedal and attached it back to the crank arms.

I was ecstatic with how smooth it was when I turned it. Maybe I was a bike mechanic in my past life.

Now it's time to ride again!

Love the photo? I took that from Earthmound of Flickr.