The Taal Lake Visita Iglesia

In celebration of Easter, I'm very proud to present to you the video of our Visita Iglesia around Taal Lake. I tried to keep it as short as I can so it won't be dragging too much. It's a little more than six minutes long and I hope you like it.

Aside from this, I'd also like to share some choice photos that Domeng took during the ride:

1 - Batangas
This was taken on our way from Batangas City to Cuenca. You may not see it, but it's quite a climb, with an elevation gain starting at 54 meters and ending at 293 meters in just 15 kilometers.

5 - Agoncillo
You've seen this already in the teaser entry. This is the bridge over the Pansipit river connecting the municipalities of San Nicolas and Agoncillo.

5 - Agoncillo
This was taken somewhere in Agoncillo. The road here is a mix of volcanic sand with patches of cement. This is bad news if you're riding on slick tires like me.

5 - Agoncillo
Despite being from Batangas, this is probably my closest encounter with the Taal volcano.

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For those who'd like to get the GPS coordinates, check out the map below. If you're wondering why it only goes halfway, watch the video and find out: